Architecture of dream

Godon Exhibit at Matisse Museum

Du Samedi 14 oct 2017 au Dimanche 04 mars

On a regular basis, The Matisse Museum is inviting contemporary artists to keep alive its collections and get other views to approach not only Matisse’s but also Herbin’s, Miro’s, Chagall’s, Giacometti’s works…

This time, the museum proposes « carte blanche » to Alain Gordon, on the subject of the travel inside Matisse’s works. The travel can have different aspects: physical like the one Matisse did in 1930 from New York to Tahiti but also discovery of his technics and balad in his dreams, in his “new cosmical spaces” ; The travel to Tahiti which is the basis of this exhibit had an important influence on Matisse, leading to his works of cutted papers a few years later.


Alain Godon discovers the drawing with his uncle, architect in North Pas-de-Calais, before attempting his luck on the Parisian sidewalks as an adept of Street Art. Continuing his pictural art in England before coming back to France by the end of the years 80. He settled at Le Touquet, participating in numerous exhibitions, for the pleasure of private collectors and the public with is original and colorful works introducing a reviewed urban architecture.

Like a big dreamer who kept children eyes, Alain Godon proposes apparently simple works but for which the construction is much more complex, revealing, for the one who desires to plunge inside, a special universe full of daily small stories, and a singular imagination which he is sharing with Matisse, the will to bring joy and happiness.


From the discovery of a quest, made 77 years ago by the master of the place, Henri Matisse, Godon will involve us in his architecture of dream.

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