Brewery at Le Cateau

"Addicted" to beer or not, you cannot miss this historic brewery visit!

Set at the heart of an old benedictine abbey the historic brewery of The Le Cateau Abbey is a listed monument.

The Lefebvre-Scalabrino brewery industrial site was rised before WW1. It kept its turret  where the germinated barley is dried to be transformed into malt. It is part of a big complex including the employers' house, the buildings of the former brewery, the stables and dependences as well as a huge paved courtyard.

The former brewery goes back to the Middle Ages since it is the brewery of Saint André abbey, established in 1021 and confiscated during French Revolution. The brewery Lefebvre-Scalabrino, which was the biggest one at Le Cateau-Cambrésis, was in operation until 1926. Then it became a storage place for the beers Chiris (Solesmes) before disapearing totally in 1933-1934.

In 2004, the Brasserie Historique is back in production, four years after the restauration works started.  The new owners opened a restaurant where you can taste the beer "Vivat". For their 10th anniversary, they created a new beer "Dix". They have full of projects for the future.





Horaires d'ouverture

On Tuesday and Wednesdeay, from 10am to 4pm; on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10am to 11pm an on Sunday from 11am to 7pm. Closed on Monday except for groups only upon reservation.


3€ for individuals with a booklet
Guided visits for groups: 5€ per person Monday-Saturday ; 7€ per person on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Office de Tourisme du Cambrésis
48,rue Henri de Lubac
Tél: +3 3( 0) 32 77 83 61 5



Whether they follow the Escaut, drive along country roads, discover the picturesque alleys of the old Cambrai, fortified farms, museums, learn about Matisse and Blériot, lace ang giants, tourists will understand why the inhabitants of this part of France are so happy to welcome them and will feel like coming back.

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