Events at Bourlon

Bourlon is commemorating WW1 in November!

le Samedi 25 nov 2017

The village will commemorate on Saturday, November 25th, the centennial of the Bataille of Bourlon.


At 2 p.m.: at Bourlon wood, official opening of two interpretive panels

Tribute to Lt HW Windeler Panel by the Windeler family

Tribute to Grenadiers Guards by an officer from the regiment


At 4 p.m: rue du Marais (official opening of a interpretive panel)

Bourlon Wood Battle

Tribute to the Tank Corps


5 p.m.: rue du chemin vert (official opening of a interpretive panel)

Tribute to the soldier J. Himmelreich by the Himmelreich family


From 24 through 27 november: exhibit in "Salle Polyvalente".

9 a.m. - noon and 2 p.m. 6 p.m.

Material: tankers, german emergency center, british stretchers bearers , life in the trenches

Postcards and miscellaneous documents

Children works: Victor Hugo School, Saint Joseph School and College


Walking tour "Around Bourlon"

Free access - Departure from the city hall

On the footprints of the Great War in Bourlon



City Hall: 03 27 82 50 43


In partnership with the following associations:

Mémoire et Patrimoine

Histoire et Collection

Crayons et Pinceaux

Chorale "La Clé des chants"

Anciens Combattants de Bourlon

Gardes d'Honneur de Lorette

Office de Tourisme du Cambrésis
48,rue de Noyon
Tél: +3 3( 0) 32 77 83 61 5

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