From the canvas to the fabric

An exhibit at the Museum of Caudry combining abstracted paintings to design clothes.

Du Jeudi 27 avr au Dimanche 17 sept

Art and Fashion: two worlds, two sources crossed with inspirations, tributes and mutual borrowing that artists and cloth designers have been declining through their creations from the 20th century until today. This is the union between art and fashion that the two museums at Cambrai and Caudry have decided to emphasize with this common exhibit presenting, as guiding line, Philippe Deverdieu's design works.


For the two last years, in collaboration with the Museum of Caudry, the fashion designer, well known by the French Maisons de haute couture, has been creating, based on a selection of paintings by the two museums, some dresses directly inspired from the chosen canvas: works by Antoine françois Saint Aubert, painter from the XVIIIth century for the museum of Cambrai, and geometrical abstracted works from the XXth century for the museum of Caudry. 


In total, twelves lace dresses, unique creations, are facing the works which inspired them: In Caudry, they reveal and emphasize with elegance the parallel and cutting lines which connect the worlds of art, haute couture and modern creation.




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