More and more, villages are offering a weekly market outdoors.



  • Cambrai

Place du Marché

Wednesday and Saturday mornings 8 a.m – 1:00 p.m

Tuesday 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.


  • Avesnes Les Aubert

Place de la République

Thursday and Sunday mornings 9 a.m – 12:00 p.m


  • Caudry

Place Ernest Plet                                   

Tuesday morning 7 a.m – noon

Place du Général De Gaulle

Friday morning 7 a.m – noon


  • Iwuy

Place du Village

Tuesday morning 8 a.m – 1:00 p.m


  • Le Cateau

Marché aux bestiaux:

Rue du Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny                                  

Tuesday  Sales starting at 2 p.m

Rue Charles Seydoux

Friday morning 8 a.m – 1:00 p.m


Fair on the 22nd day each month: except in September will take place on Saturday closest of the 22nd. 8 a.m – 6:00 p.m


  • Solesmes

Place Jean Jaurés

Thursday morning 9 a.m – 12:00 p.m

Office de Tourisme du Cambrésis
48,rue Henri de Lubac
Tél: +3 3( 0) 32 77 83 61 5



Whether they follow the Escaut, drive along country roads, discover the picturesque alleys of the old Cambrai, fortified farms, museums, learn about Matisse and Blériot, lace ang giants, tourists will understand why the inhabitants of this part of France are so happy to welcome them and will feel like coming back.

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