Opening day

Launching of the commemoration week

le Lundi 20 nov 2017

Anniversary day ot the first day of Cambrai battle, Monday November 20th is the date for the opening of those commemorative celebrations.


More than 500 soldiers of the Royal Tank Regiment and 1500 British will arrive in town to spend the week.


5:30 p.m.: Memory lights, organized at Flesquieres Hill Cemetry by the association of the Tank of Flesquieres.


7 p.m.: Opening of the mapping show on the façade of the City Hall.



Office de Tourisme du Cambrésis
48,rue de Noyon
Tél: +3 3( 0) 32 77 83 61 5

Whether they follow the Escaut, drive along country roads, discover the picturesque alleys of the old Cambrai, fortified farms, museums, learn about Matisse and Blériot, lace ang giants, tourists will understand why the inhabitants of this part of France are so happy to welcome them feel like coming back.

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