The Hundred Days' Offensive: 27th Sept. – 11th Nov

Called also "Canada's Hundred Days" this series of assaults has been the Allies' final attack during the Great War on the Western front.

Canadian troops passing through a village devastat

30. Bourlon

Canadian Corps played an important role at Bourlon, delivering Cambrai sector from September to November 1918.

Town hall - Liberation of Cambrai – 9th October 19

31. Cambrai

When Canadian troops liberated Cambrai, they found a city on fire...

Iwuy cemetery

32. Iwuy

Some ferocious confrontations occured in Iwuy sector during the Hundred Days' Offensive.

British cemetery in Solesmes

34. Solesmes

After four years of occupation, Solesmes was finally liberated!

Soldier E. Jackson Burial

35. Romeries

In the Romeries military cemetery, 832 Commonwealth graves for 832 soldiers who suffered very different fates.

Vertigneul - Military graves

36. Vertigneul

New Zealand troops had a decisive action at Vertigneul in October 1918.

Poet Wilfred Ernest Owen

37. Ors

Known for its "Maison Forestière", Ors attracts people interested by Wilfred Owen's life and poetry.

Memorial to the First British Division.

38. La Groise

First British Division played an important role during the war at La Groise.

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Whether they follow the Escaut, drive along country roads, discover the picturesque alleys of the old Cambrai, fortified farms, museums, learn about Matisse and Blériot, lace ang giants, tourists will understand why the inhabitants of this part of France are so happy to welcome them and will feel like coming back.

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