The Battle of Cambrai : 20th Nov. – 7th Dec. 1917

In the greatest secrecy the British launched an attack on the Hindenburg Line. Their new weapon: chars!

Main square in Cambrai – The Kommandantur

9. Cambrai

Despite of violent fighting, the Battle of Cambrai did not allow to break through the Hindenburg Line.

German convoy collecting supplies at the canal

12. Noyelles-sur-Escaut

Major German logistics base during WW1, Noyelles sur Escaut kept some pillboxes which have been recently restored.

The bridge at Masnières damaged by the 25-tonnes tank Flying Fox II

14. Masnières

Masnières was the furthest village liberated during the Battle of Cambrai. British could not move forward: the bridge over the canal had been demolished.

Vaucelles abbey ruins

16. Vaucelles

Used by Germans as storage and command headquarters, the Abbey of Vaucelles was burned down in 1917.

The wrecked tank C51 “Chaperon” near the ruins of the Bonavis farm in the background.

17. Bonavis

Liberated at the beginning of the Battle of Cambrai, Bonavis was taken again by the Germans during their counter-offensive.

Bantouzelle  ruins.

18. Bantouzelle

Linked to the Hindenburg Line, Bantouzelle has been completely destroyed after the four years of conflict.

Villers-Guislain ruins in 1918.

19. Villers-Guislain

Despite fierce fighting, Villers-Guislain was in German hands until the end of the war.

Germans at the Familistère crossroads.

20. Gouzeaucourt

Praticing the scorched-earth policy, Germans left Gouzeaucourt in ruins.

Retaken by the Germans, the hamlet was ravaged by

21. La Vacquerie

Civils, fleeing from Masnières, were killed on their way through this hamlet.

Villers-Plouich (February 1917)

22. Villers-Plouich

Close to the Hindenburg Line, the village was involved in the Battle of Cambrai.

Marcoing evacuation

23. Marcoing

Liberated on Nov. 20th 1917, retaken by Germans, the village is involved in the Battle of Cambrai.

Men of the 51st Division have a quick wash at the

25. Flesquières

Fierce fighting in Flesquières village during the Battle of Cambrai.

The Kaiser at the Chateau d’Havrincourt in October

27. Havrincourt

Havrincourt was quickly taken by the British troops the first day of the Battle of Cambrai.

Right-hand bas-relief – Louverval Memorial.

28.The Louverval Memorial

Louverval Memorial is paying tribute to the soldiers, unidentified, who died during the Battle of Cambrai.

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